Asterope Mother-Baby Shuttle

Rahul Birari | 5 min reading time


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (also referred to as ASRS systems) are most commonly used in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities. They typically replace large areas of shelving to save floor space, improve safety and increase productivity.

Armstrong’s innovations and technologies are revolutionizing the way a factory operates. Flow of data and computer controlled automation systems are part of each value addition area of the entire production chain, so are the various applications based software for managing them, resulting in higher production level at faster speeds with lower costs.

Asterope Mother-Baby Shuttle

A Mother-Baby shuttle, also known as Carrier-Shuttle system is a multi deep ASRS solution, generally employed for high density storage. The Mother carries baby along the rails perpendicular to the aisles on each floor. As per the requirement, the baby goes into the aisle to pick or place the pallet. The Mother-Baby shuttle then carries the pallet to outbound system like vertical lifts or conveyors.

How Asterope will make your life easy?

Asterope is uniquely crafted with European Standards (FEMH), the velocity and acceleration are optimized for high rack density as per the throughput requirement of the customer. At a time multiple Asteropes can work on the same floor to meet the high throughput requirement. When the throughput requirement is low, single Asterope can handle multiple floors, this gives high flexibility in operations and scope for future expansion.


Intelligent Storage

The automated hardware system of Asterope is integrated with intelligent software, which provides 100% visibility and accuracy. Armstrong software directs and monitors the systems. It tracks inventory locations and directs the movement of loads while fully integrating with intelligent software platforms.

Features and Benefits:

With world-class hardware integrated with intelligent software, Asterope is an impressive Industry 4.0 smart storage

  • Provides intelligent tracking and traceability
  • Flexibility for peak periods and seasonal products
  • Order fulfilment time reduces
  • Order accuracy and efficiency is improved
  • Operating cost reduces and pilferages are eliminated
  • Labor dependency decreases
  • Consistent operation in the ambient, freezer, or chilled environments

With increase in productivity, high-density storage, complete inventory control, and real-time load tracking, Asterope in your warehouse will gain you a competitive edge.

 Why Armstrong?

Armstrong is India’s biggest Intralogistics automation company, with 20 years of experience, over 1000 projects, in 14 countries. We build intelligent intralogistics solutions. With innovative know-how, we automate your inbound, outbound, storage and sorting operations. Our uniquely crafted solutions double your productivity, with 100% visibility and eliminate pilferage. To enhance your profitability, we deploy Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence. All our customers including Fortune 500 companies engage us for years together. If you wish to make your operations Faster, Smarter and Cheaper, your search ends at Armstrong.