An Overview of Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Armstrong provides the best automated guided vehicles (AGV) to customers that handle every complex task easily and with 100% reliability. It is one of the best AGV manufacturers in India.

Automatic Guided Vehicles are very efficient in a warehouse and with every passing day, the demand for them is increasing because of their various features, uses, and benefits. Keep reading to know what AGVs are, what the features, types, uses, and benefits are.

What are Automatic Guided Vehicles?

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) are wheel-based load carriers and computer-controlled that travel along the floor of a warehouse without the need of an operator or a driver. They can move because of the combination sensor-based guidance systems and software. They are equipped with automatic obstacle detection which can detect bumpers on their path which provides safety for the load that they are carrying. They move on a predictable path and their acceleration and deceleration are controlled well.

Features of Automated Guided Vehicles

AGV manufacturers in India such as Armstrong, equip the AGVs that they make with a variety of features that every good AGV must possess. Some of the features of an AGV are:

  • Motor controller

    A newly developed motor controller allows the AGV to lower the battery and energy consumption in various situations. The precision of stopping and turning ability in an AGV is excellent. Not just that, it can change its speed and select its point and course of turning in a warehouse and this can be easily set or reset by changing the program.

  • Wireless auto-charging

    AGV is equipped with wireless full auto-charging systems so that it causes no spark or stoppage in the functioning of its warehouse. This helps in working efficiently which increases production in a warehouse. Armstrong has equipped their AGVs with this system as well.

Types of Automatic Guided Vehicles

There are several types of AGVs that AGV manufacturers in India such as Armstrong produce. They are:

  • Automated carts:

    These are the most basic AGVs, with the fewest functionality for the most cost-effective implementation.
  • Unit load AGVs:

    Individual vehicles that transport cargo on forks or AGV decks to and from their storage location are known as unit load AGVs. They're typically utilised to transport hefty items.
  • Tugger AGVs:

    These are powered driven vehicles that tow a series of non-motorized trailers, each of which carries a load.
  • Automated forklift AGVs:

    These are forklift trucks that have had their controls modified to enable for unmanned operation.

Armstrong will provide you with any type of AGV which your warehouse needs.

Uses of Automatic Guided Vehicles:

Automatic Guided Vehicles have several uses in a variety of areas to support the processing and handling of loads and products throughout a warehouse. Some of the important uses of an Automatic Guided Vehicles are:

  • Kitting:
    They help in collecting all the parts of a product for assembling purposes.
  • Assembly:
    It assists in the movement of items through the manufacturing process.
  • Transportation:
    They are now used to transfer pallets and loose parts from one location in a warehouse to another.
  • Staging:
    They are used to deliver pallets for the processes of production.
  • Warehousing: They're utilised to transport products from stretch wraps to docks or storage facilities.
  • Order picking:
    They are used to moving ordered products for distribution to trailer-loading areas. They also transport a platform for a picker so that selected items might be placed efficiently.
  • Parts/JIT delivery:
    They help in towing trailers to consumption points.
  • Transfer/shuttle:
    they help in transferring loads across areas of high traffic.
Benefits of Automatic Guided Vehicles:

The rise in the demand for AGV manufacturers in India such as Armstrong is because of the various benefits that come with the usage of AGVs. some of the benefits are:

  • They help in cost control.
  • They are extremely flexible.
  • They prevent damages within the warehouse.
  • They track the products so the products will never be lost or misplaced.
  • They assist in automatic line balancing
  • They have very few restrictions of movement.
  • They are safe to use.
  • They can help in expanding capacity.
  • They can perform repetitive movement tasks and are reliable.

You should consider buying an AGV if you do not have it in your warehouse as it can be used for multiple things and has several advantages. Armstrong is one of the best AGV manufacturers in India so buying AGVs from them is the best thing that one can do,

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