Know about AGVs before going to AGV systems manufacturers

Automated guided vehicles are commonly used in industrial and commercial places to transport loads. To facilitate manufacturing and distribution procedures throughout the pre-production, post-production, and production stages, AGV is the system that you need. Also, they are used in commercial places to distribute supplies around the place.

AGV system manufacturers produce a variety of AGV systems that are used for multiple purposes. All of them are automated and monitored by computer software programs. They can be scheduled so that they automatically deliver items at the right time. No human interference is required.

Their direction can be altered with just a click. The speed of the AGV can be accelerated and decelerated too. Not only that. Some of them have AGV sortation systems that would automatically sort items. The AGV systems can detect obstacles too. Also, they can move conveniently through traffic. Therefore, they can move seamlessly onboard and deliver goods timely.

Types of AGV systems

Before you get an AGV system, you must learn the types. A variety of systems are available in the market. Thus you may feel a bit confused. However, each one of them is made for different purposes. The operating system varies too. Thus, knowing the types would help you decide on an AGV that fits your demands.

Let us see the varieties.

  • Unit load handlers- As the name suggests, this vehicle would carry a single unit. The unit remains loaded with materials. They are commonly used to carry products for distribution.
  • Automated guided carts- These are the most common types of AGVs. They can conveniently navigate their environment using sensors or magnetic tapes. They have AGV sortation systems that help in sorting. Storage and cross-docking use them the most. They are also used to distribute supplies in restaurants, hospitals, etc.
  • Forklift AGVs- These are widely used too. They function similarly to the human-operated forklift vehicles but these are automated and computer monitored.
  • Towing AGVs- These machines don't carry loads by themselves. They carry more vehicles attached to the back of them. These vehicles remain loaded. Towing AGVs move these vehicles with loads. They are suitable to move heavy loads over a long distance.
  • Heavy burden carriers- They are used to carry heavy loads. They are used in large assemblies, good transportation, etc. Some of them have auto-loading technologies that make the process faster.
  • Autonomous mobile robots- AGVS mobile automation system is the most exclusive of all. Instead of magnetic tapes, they have sensors or cameras to study the environment, detect obstacles, and make their path through it. They are the best for warehousing and industrial load transportation.

These are the main types of AGV systems. Needless to say, AGVS mobile automation system is the best out of all. However, for carrying small loads in open spaces, you may not need such advanced technology. Choose the one that satisfactorily serves your purpose.

Factors to consider

Before you go to AGV system manufacturers, do your research. You need to consider some factors before deciding. Otherwise, manufacturers may mislead you. Below are the factors that you need to think of before buying.

  • Think where the AGV system would function. If the space is free of the crowd, simple AGV systems would suffice. For more flexible movement, a free navigated AGV system is needed.
  • Consider the space the AGV moves in. Choose small vehicles for narrow spaces.
  • Consider the load to be carried daily. If you need a vehicle for heavy load, go for heavy burden carriers or AGVS mobile automation systems. For minimal loads, other types are suitable.
  • Do you require sorting, assembling, and self-loading systems? If yes, opt for AGV sortation systems. Many systems are there that would do activities other than transportation. List out the facilities you require and then select carefully.
  • Fix a budget. Fixing the budget would help you to choose. Try not to exceed the budget. However, if you get better facilities after raising the budget a bit, go for it. Because this would increase the efficiency of your work.
  • Decide how many vehicles you need. If you need more than one, you can choose among the various options mentioned above. This would help you to enjoy different services.
  • Ask the manufacturer when they can deliver the system to your place. Also, ask if they can deliver to the right destination within a specific time. These questions are important to get the delivery at the right time.
  • If you require customization, ask for it. But before that learn the specifications of each vehicle.

One of the trusted AGV systems manufacturers is Armstrong. It produces premium AGV systems that would fulfill your demand and serve your purpose. Do your research. Note answers to the aforementioned questions and then approach a manufacturer. Always trust a reputed company to get the best quality AGV system.

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