Armstrong ASRS:
4x Space Utilisation
100% Visibility
0% Pilferage
4x Velocity

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ASTEROPE: An ASRS built with a focus on delivering a cost effective solution that boosts speed, accuracy & operational efficiency

ASTEROPE: Armstrong’s ASRS is designed to minimize and mobilize the stock. It secures the inventory, eliminates damage, and increases productivity and accuracy, thus reducing carbon footprint saving energy, time, and money. Each ASRS solution is accompanied by an intelligent software that ensures real-time supply chain visibility which is designed to interface with all ERP platforms, thus producing a strong return on investment.


Space Utilization





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Unit Load Stacker Crane ASRS

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Mini Load Stacker Crane ASRS

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Shuttle Carrier ASRS

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Multishuttle ASRS


High-Density Storage

100% Visibility

Zero Damage

Efficient, Accurate & Reliable

Modular & Reliable

Integration with WMS

Armstrong Dematic’s award winning Multishuttle, Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) and Rapid Pick Goods-to-person systems make your fulfillment centers more efficient than ever. The multiple benefits include flexibility for peak periods and seasonal products, optimum utilization of space & increased product security. It is a scalable solution that can grow with the business. The ergonomic workstation is designed to eliminate travel & minimizes picking errors which helps meet seasonal demand.

Storage Automation for Bikaji - Food FMCG Brand

Today’s market is fast-paced and highly volatile, thanks to e-commerce on the rise, and it is doubly so for FMCG companies.

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