Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems

Moving loads in warehouses and other industrial spaces is one of the everyday tasks. In other words, the whole industry works efficiently when loads and materials are transported timely from one place to another. This is why the system needs to be fast, efficient, and seamless. And automatic guided vehicle systems can do it effortlessly.

Automatic guided robots are wheel-based vehicles that are operated by a computer software system. They can work and move over the floor without any human interference or regulation. They move in a predetermined path. Also, the speed can be accelerated and decelerated using the automated system. The barrier detection ability of this vehicle makes it safe to use.

What are the uses of AGVs?

Automatic guided vehicle manufacturers make AGVs for different purposes. They are commonly used in industrial areas. Let us see what are the various uses of AGVs.

  • AGVs carry raw materials to the site of production.
  • Various parts of a product are manufactured in separate places. AGVs are used to carry those separate parts in one place for the final production.
  • They transport materials from one place to another throughout a production process.
  • Automatic guided robots load and transport pallets to the production site.
  • AGVs are crucial for warehousing. They transport products from stretch wrappers to the storage space.
  • It facilitates the process of picking orders. They carry the products that are released for distribution. Then they move to a platform from where the pickers can collect their items.
  • AGVs are used to distribute supplies throughout a specific area.
  • They help in moving items seamlessly through a crowd or traffic.

These are the main uses of automated guided vehicles. They are mainly used to carry loads. But the purposes are different and vary from place to place. Thus, they are useful in almost any sector.

Where are AGVs used the most?

AGVs are relevant to almost all industries and commercial spaces. But let us specify some sectors or places where AGVs are used the most. Let us check out.

  • AGVs are most commonly used in warehouses.
  • Chemical industries require AGV systems.
  • Hospitals use AGV systems vastly to receive and distribute medical supplies.
  • The food and beverage sectors use them too. Big restaurants need them the most.
  • The automotive industry requires AGVs in almost every step of the pre-production and production stages.
  • Print media and paper industry have AGVs for smooth transportation of raw materials and distribution of final products.
  • The pharmaceutical sector utilizes AGVs too.

These were some very common sectors where AGVs are relevant. They are necessary for all the stages- pre-production, production, and post-production.

Types of AGVs

Automatic guided vehicle manufacturers manufacture various types of automated guided vehicles. They have varied specifications. They are intended for various purposes. Let us check these out.

  • Unit load AGV- They transport unit loads on the deck.
  • Automated carts- These are the commonly used AGVs. They are capable of carrying small and heavy loads. They navigate using systems like sensors, magnets, etc.
  • Forklift AGVs- They work like human-operated forklift vehicles but are operated by computer systems.
  • Tugger AGVs- They move more non-powered vehicles that are attached to them. These non-powered vehicles carry loads in them. So, tugger AGVs transport those vehicles.
  • Heavy burden carriers- They are designed to carry large and heavy loads. Some have auto-loading facilities too.

These are the commonly used automatic guided vehicle systems. They have different uses. Thus industries choose the one that matches their purpose.

Benefits of AGV systems

Why are automated guided vehicle manufacturers producing such technologies? This is because they are benefitting people. Human workload has been deducted with the use of AGVs.

Here are the benefits.

  • Cost-effective- It is a one-time investment that gives long-term benefits. While labor charges may fluctuate, AGV costs are fixed. In the long run, it is a cost-efficient option.
  • Fast- They work faster than human operation. Thus the overall activities are prompted with the help of automatic guided robots.
  • Effective- They can move smoothly through obstacles. They can be scheduled for timely delivery. The speed can be monitored and directions can be altered. And they can be operated with a click. Thus transportation becomes more effective.
  • Safe- They transport loads safely as the vehicle maintains good balance. Hence goods don't topple off thus minimizing the damage.
  • Reliable- You are constantly monitoring and tracking the AGV system. You can anytime change the direction and speed. The vehicles are reliable and you can operate the way you want. You can schedule and set up the movement and sit back. The rest will be managed by it.

However, it is necessary to buy automatic guided vehicle systems from reliable sources. Armstrong is a trusted brand in manufacturing and providing the best quality AGV system. Therefore, select top-quality AGVs and make load transportation seamless.

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