Automation Storage and Retrieval System – Complete Overview

Companies like Armstrong offer the best-automated storage and retrieval systems which are also known as AS/RS systems. The AS/RS are very commonly used in the manufacturing and distribution of various facilities. They are being used in replacing large areas of shelving which helps in saving floor space. It also helps in improving safety and increases productivity.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System has various other advantages and can be used in several ways. Have you ever heard of what an automated storage and retrieval system is? If you haven’t then there is no need to worry.

This article is going to help you in understanding what an automated storage and retrieval system is, where and how it is used, what the different technologies are, and what the advantages are.

What is an automated storage and retrieval system?

An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) is made up by combining the right equipment and controls that help in handling, storing, and retrieving materials. They do this with extreme precision, accuracy and speed. They help in saving footprint by storing items in a compact form. Armstrong manufactures varieties of self-contained, goods-to-person, AS/RS. The different technologies of AS/RS help in handling different volumes, types, and velocities of non-palletized inventory at a good speed. When you consider the options, keep in mind that the density of storage should be according to your throughput goals. Automated Storage and retrieval systems also have other names such as dynamic store systems, high-density store storage, automatic sorting systems, and retrieval systems. These other names are suitable for AS/RS.

What are the different technologies of ASRS?

The ASRS offered by leading automated Storage and Retrieval System Companies can be broken down into 7 major technologies depending on their volume handling ability, variable speeds, and demands:

  • Vertical Carousels:

    Vertical carousels rotate vertically similar to a Ferris wheel. They are home to a series of shelves or carriers which provide high-density storage.
  • Unit-load AS/RS:

    Unit-load AS/RS are the machines that are useful in storing large loads. They can usually store upto1,000+ pounds. They store these on pallets with storage rack structures that are 100 feet tall or even taller.
  • Mini-load AS/RS:

    They operate in the same way as unit load AS/RS but they handle much lighter weight loads. They can handle weights weighing less than 1000 pounds unlike unit-load AS/RS.
  • Shuttles:

    these are used for handling totes, trays, cartons, or all of the three automatically. They are either used in warehousing or manufacturing.
  • Cube-based storage:

    these are high-density good-to-person piece picking systems that use robots to store and retrieve bins from a storage grid.
  • Vertical lift modules:

    these contain columns of trays in the front and back. An automatic inserter/extractor is placed in the center which helps in storing and retrieving trays.
  • Horizontal carousels:

    it is very ideal for storing small items. It has a series of bins that can rotate horizontally around the track.

Where is AS/RS used?

Several industries use AS/RS offered by Automated Storage and Retrieval System Companies in India like Armstrong for their benefits. Some of the industries that use AS/RS are warehousing and distribution, food, beverage, automotive, hospital, life sciences, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment, spare parts handling, electronics, maintenance, and repair operations (MRO), etc.

How is AS/RS used?

AS/RS is used in various ways in the above-mentioned industries. Some of the ways are:

  • Kitting: It provides an area to gather parts.
  • Storage: it is very easy to understand by the name itself. It helps in storing items.
  • Picking order: It helps in retrieving and presenting the required items to pickers.
  • Assembling: it helps in assembling and storing work pieces for later use.
  • Security: it provides an enclosed storage environment with software controls.
  • Production: it helps in storing parts that are used for production.
  • Retail: helps in providing a large number of items to the service desk for customers.
  • Replenishment: used to store excess inventory for the restocking of picking systems.
Benefits of AS/RS

There are lots of benefits of AS/RS. A few of the benefits are:

  • It helps in controlling the inventory in real-time.
  • It helps in increasing the throughput capabilities.
  • It enhances the security of products.
  • It helps in increasing accuracy levels to 99.99%
  • It increases the productivity of labor.
  • It helps in increasing ergonomics by delivering items at a convenient height which helps in eliminating the time lost of searching, walking, lifting, bending, and other activities.
  • It helps in saving up to 85% of wasted space on the floor.
Summing it up

AS/RS is used in a variety of industries for various reasons. The Advantages of Automated Storage and Retrieval System are innumerable and hence it is really a go-to option for various businesses. If you are considering buying AS/RS, you should contact Armstrong as they are the best company in India to provide you the best AS/RS.

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