Polaris - Armstrong's
Cross Belt Sorter

48000 Throughput
99.96% Sorting Accuracy

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Boost Throughput by 3x & Reduce Manpower by 4x

Polaris - Armstrong's Cross Belt Sorter is a one-of-a-kind engineering marvel, that is propelling warehouse automation to new heights. It is one of the highest throughput catering systems, with a speed of 48K parcels/hour and all processing activities are integrated into a single solution. It includes parcels inbound movement, induction, weighing, scanning, volumetric, sorting, bagging & outbound movement. Thus, helping businesses meet promotional peaks, storage capacities and returns processing.




Reduce Manpower



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Los Angeles

Cross Belt Sorter


Exceptionally High Throughput - 48000 Parcels/hour

High Centering Accuracy @2.2 mps

Real Time Tracking

99.96% Sorting Accuracy

Business Intelligence Software

User friendly

POLARIS: Armstrong’s Intelligent Cross Belt Sorter

Are you ready to embark upon a gripping virtual tour & witness the exciting journey of a parcel from its source to the destination? Experience our next generation warehousing solutions coupled with business intelligence software which not just boosts throughput by 4x but also decreases the manpower requirement by 3x. This makes ‘Polaris’ an ideal solution for businesses struggling with low throughput, mis-sorts, under-utilization of space & slow operations at the fulfilment centres.

Polaris - A Panacea For Your Sortation Needs

Take a peek to when India's premier logistics solutions provider was struggling with revenue and operational issues. They aimed to achieve speedy, safe & reliable nationwide express delivery services.

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