E-commerce Fulfillment Made Easier: Armstrong helps India's leading E-commerce giant achieve Operational Efficiency

The past few months have accelerated the demand for speedy deliveries thus snowballing the burden of functional optimization on businesses. This creates a challenge for the players to manage the constant flow of orders with maximum accuracy and speed to meet promised deliveries. With the palletizing area becoming a bottleneck, the picking operations multiply operational expenses, thus fetching lowered productivity couple with low ergonomic quotient and slacked-off throughput. A fulfilment facility with friction in operations such as, human dependency, low throughput, sorting errors, pilferages and under-utilization of space, aids to hefty business losses. To achieve today’s heightened level of e-commerce, a growing number of manufacturers and retailers are turning towards warehouse automation. With the warehouse automation market expected to hit USD 100 billion by 2023, let’s take an in-depth stroll to understand how Armstrong is empowering the next generation of supply chains and taking the material handling industry to new heights thus making the operations faster, smarter & cheaper.

The uniqueness of this facility was there being unused storage space on the G+1 level. The space was not being utilized because of the difficulty in transportation of cartons to and from storage. With Armstrong’s end-to-end consultative approach, a solution which would take cartons from production up to the storage and bring them back down directly to the dock to be loaded into trucks was ideated. Solutions such as goods lift and stacker cranes were not feasible due to their weight, and labour & time expense. Thus, a dense, lightweight and fast system was needed.

Automated Ecommerce Fulfillment

E-commerce companies are dynamic drivers of technology and have successfully spurred a technological revolution in India. One of the horsemen of ecommerce giants headquartered at Bangalore is a specialized online store that serves the needs of autonomous retail grocers of every store size and format.

A while ago, this ecommerce giant was facing operational inefficiencies which not only devoured its productivity but also stunted its growth. To achieve inbound & outbound operational efficiency they ventured on a mission with Armstrong to handle millions of SKU’s in a shorter span of time. Given the opportunity to enhance their business productivity Armstrong led the journey to deliver the best value and experience for their investment and aimed to make their lives easy by offering sustainable & affordable state-of-the-art warehouse automation solutions.

Automated Ecommerce Fulfillment Automated Ecommerce Fulfillment Automated Ecommerce Fulfillment Automated Ecommerce Fulfillment

To meet the client demand, Armstrong deployed a scalable & modular solution that optimized their order fulfillment process. Our Telescopic Belt Conveyor unloads the material and brings it to the staging area after a close check of the entire consignment. The totes are then picked from G1, G2, G3 & G4 & each tote is mapped to a particular product with a unique bar-code which directs its journey from the shelving area to the desired destination through 8 inward lines. This ensures a smooth flow of totes without any man-movement activities nearby thus regulating safety norms within the warehouse. The three vertical conveying spiral systems installed at the ground floor help carry a variety of loads at heights up to 6 meters on the respective floor. A scanner mounted on top of the conveyor helps swiftly transport the tote through the seamless integration of WMS & WCS. On each floor a kilometer long, peripheral conveyor is installed that stacks the consignment in the pre-decided shelves with the help of swivel wheel sorters. Our double-decker conveyor system yields a throughput of 3000 & 3600 totes per hour for inbound & outbound operations respectively thus, helping the customer handle approx. 158000 tote/hour. With the operations running 24/7, we helped them manage 1.6 million parcels a day during the peak season thus reaping economies of scale.

The outbound operations helps in the faster movement of parcels by picking & placing them on the outbound conveyor which transports the materials from all the floors through the downward spirals. Armstrong’s smart intelligence system micro-manages the assimilation task with ultimate ease. Our intuitive six pack conveyor system bid-adieus the parcels from the dock to the containers for the last lap.

By reducing manual intervention & boosting efficiency we successfully helped this Ecommerce giant skyrocket their profits and create a revered market image.

Ecommerce Fulfillment Automation