Best way to find the ideal Industrial Racking System for your warehouse

Industrial racking is the most critical business need of warehouse companies today. It is the traditional method of storing and managing products and materials. Manually storing products on the pallet is a tedious task as it requires a massive number of staff and takes a lot of time and cost. Thanks to modern robotics, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning that provide strength to the industrial racking system. They act as a bridge between the manual and automated warehouse racking system. We deploy these advanced technologies into our work to deliver maximum throughputs.

What is Industrial Racking System?

Industrial racking is the material handling system designed to store goods, products, or materials by maximizing the warehouse's storage space. It serves the purpose of product storage and provides support to the arranged goods to be used later for transportation. Industrial racking is made up of long beams which support long bars and raw protectors. In any industries product, storage and organization are critical points of success. Storage helps maintain the integrity of the product for better market value, which adds to the warehouse's efficiency.

Why Industrial Racking is essential?

When it comes to organizing space in the warehouse, our industrial racking is the best solution among many industries. If used properly, the right racking system maximizes the warehouse space and is cheaper, smarter, and faster means to optimize free space in the warehouse. Having industrial shelves reduce clutter, correct internal inefficiencies of the warehouse. It is the safest method to protect the goods, ensuring the overall well-being of the merchandise.

Manual and Automated Industrial racking system

Basically, industrial racking can be classified into two types based on storage mechanisms and techniques. One is the manual system in which direct handling of the product storage is done. In the manual method, warehouse staff uses loading machines to put goods on a racking system. But the manual method is a tedious process that requires a lot of time and effort.

On the other hand, there are automated industrial racking systems which utilize smart mechanics and are entirely different from the human intervention. This type of racking works on robotics and is specifically designed to optimize more and more free space. It smartly positions the products at multiple levels and also ensures the safety of the warehouse.

Different types of automatic pallet racks:
  • Selective Pallet racks
  • Drive-in Pallet racks
  • Push back pallet racks
  • Pallet flow systems
  • Compact mobilized pallet racks

Selective pallet racking:

is the most common industrial racking system, which comes in two configurations roll form and structural pallet rack system. Roll form selective rack is designed in a teardrop style to move the clips on the teardrop quickly. These racks can be adjusted to several heights to acquire various sizes of loads. This type of frame is great for the warehouse that needs to store a different variety of product sizes. The structural pallet rack system provides high weight-bearing capacity. It is commonly used in large distribution applications, cold storage applications, wholesale stores, retail stores, etc.

Drive-in and drive-thru racking system:

These systems are configured to allow the forklift to directly attach into the stack row lane. The difference between the drive-in and drive-thru pallet is that the drive-in rack system has common entry points, whereas the drive-thru rack system uses two entry points at either side of the bay. These systems are great for materials with expiry dates and where shelf durability is a significant concern for the warehouse.

Push back pallet racks:

This type of industrial racking system is designed to increase storage density and reduce aisle space. Push back pallet racks utilize gravity's power and save a large amount of energy for moving bulk pallets.

Pallet flows:

It is known as a gravity-flow system. It consists of a braking system to control the speed of the pallet. It provides a high-density storage system with increased capacity.

Compact mobilized pallet racks:

These pallet racks are also known as a mobile industrial rack system. It is designed to maximize the warehouse's storage space and can double the capacity of pallet storage on the same floor. It optimizes storage space by converting static aisle into valuable storage space.

Things to consider

Storage racks are available in different designs, sizes, and configurations to fulfill the warehouse's specific need. But there are certain things to consider for creating an ideal storage rack system.

  • Floor space and height of the building
  • Desired density storage
  • Inventory accessibility and rotation
  • Product size and weight
  • Storage design
  • Materials and installation cost

How to find an ideal industrial racking system?

Every warehouse needs a large inventory to stock products of different sizes and weights. Therefore, industrial racking should be designed to provide efficient storage space to increase the warehouse's efficiency. The industrial racking system must be sturdy and durable for frequent use, and therefore pallet racks should be tested with industry standards.

With the growing business demands, you need to maximize and optimize more storage space for your warehouse. At Armstrong, we are dedicated to providing customized warehouse solutions for your business needs. We offer an efficient solution for your various storage issues with increased efficacy and low costs. We are experts in making most of your storage needs and can assist you in making the right decision when it comes to warehouse needs.

We aim to provide unlimited storage space by utilizing the maximum floor area and help you enhance the efficiency of your storage system and reduce costs and save time. By visiting our website, you can find out different automation solutions for various markets such as food, retail, e-tail, warehouse industries, etc.

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