Pick To Light Put To Light

Ensuring lean process, faster throughput, error reduction and process transparency.

Easily visible lights located directly on the storage slot indicate from where the next item is to be picked. A display, signals the number of items to be retrieved. After retrieval, the order picker acknowledges the process by pressing a button, and the display switches off. All information is exchanged in real-time with the master materials management or warehouse management system. Pick-by-Light systems, sometimes called Pick-to-Light systems, use light displays to direct operators to specific stock locations. In Put-to-Light systems, sometimes called Put-by-Light systems, light displays instruct where and how to allocate stock to orders, allowing efficient picking from bulk stock.

The implementation targets of our picking systems are:

  • Lean processes
  • Shorter Throughput Times
  • Fewer errors
  • Cost savings
  • Maximum Productivity
  • Reliable and Scalable Operations