Pranali Suryawanshi

Pranali Suryawanshi

“Today is difficult and tomorrow I knew was going to be worse but I was committed to do what I had opted for”

She had dreamt of being an Engineer in the modest village 100 miles north of Mumbai near Nashik. It goes without saying that criticism and discouragement curled like smoke around her.

On her way from school to home she came across a manufacturing facility. Observing it every day left her curious to the extent that, the little girl in her school uniform with plated hair couldn’t refrain herself from finding out what the facility that she keeps observing actually does. What she discovered was- ‘An Engineering Company- Armstrong’.

That very moment the ambitious child had committed to herself of being an Engineer. As years passed she realized, ‘It was no infatuation but passion that had possessed’.

Her biggest challenge was to glue herself to her goal of studying Engineering overcoming the boundless challenges that surrounded her. “Whenever distractions haunted me, all I did was to remember, ’Why I started and Where I wanted to go, to which the answer was Armstrong!”

It was 2016 when she, the certified engineer first stepped in Armstrong. Her heart full of pride to meet the founders of Armstrong and to eagerly start her work therein. The founders were overwhelmed and glad to learn about the journey of this meritorious girl towards Armstrong.

She looked after plant maintenance and is now a key person in the installation and commissioning of Armstrong’s second manufacturing facility. Armstrong salutes her dedication and commitment throughout. She now aims to gain knowledge and develop her expertise in IIOT. “To me, Armstrong is like a school that has taught me everything that I needed and wanted to learn.” Armstrong’s full-fledged IT team recently welcomed her with open arms and appreciated her will to explore just another world from what she already owns “Since that long-ago day, I have learnt that the joy of walking on the path of passion is more acute but exultant than relying on fate that is more hostile.” says she.

Armstrong expresses pride for her supreme devotion and yearn towards her work That’s Pranali Suryawanshi, the epitome of commitment.