Different Types of Warehouse Racking System identified

Armstrong is the best company for you if you are considering taking a step in buying proper storage systems for your warehouse. The warehouse racking system is a major capital investment and must be brought very carefully by keeping in mind the floor plan and need of your warehouse. Ever heard of a racking system before? Keep reading to know what it is, why one should use it and what the different types of racking systems are.

What is a racking system?

A racking system is extremely important as it is used to organize products in distribution or manufacturing facilities. They are mostly used for buffering or holding the products or stocks to ensure that enough products are on hand so that they can meet the future orders or requirements of manufacturing.

The design of the configuration of the warehouse racking system depends on the quantity and characteristics of the item and products that it is going to hold. It also depends on the types of tools and equipment that will be used in moving the items to and fro the racks. Generally, in a warehouse, rack-stored items are cartons, pallet boards, or large units. Armstrong can help make things easier as they provide an automated warehouse racking system that consists of various computer-controlled systems for automatic placement and retrieval of loads.

Why choose a racking system?

Selecting the right racking system for your warehouse can make a huge difference. A well-designed one that fits the needs of your warehouse will be efficient in increasing and improving productivity and warehouse storage space by 40% or even more. It also helps all the operations in the warehouse to get adjusted to the changing needs of inventory.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right kind of racking system for your warehouse as you might not know what are the different kinds of racks available in the market. You might go for the cheapest one available to avoid spending a lot of money, or you might end up buying the one which is the most versatile, but these choices can prove to be a failure at times. Armstrong helps its clients to understand their rack needs and provides them with the best kind of automated warehouse racking system for the benefit of their warehouse.

Types of racking systems

There are several kinds of racking systems and here are some of the common ones mentioned for you:

  • Standard pallet racking system

    Standard pallet racking is the most common type of pallet racking in the entire industry of manufacturing. They can be used to accommodate pallets up to a height of 30 meters. There is a lot of space to move around when a warehouse has a standard pallet racking system as there is a lot of available floor space. They are the most common type and are ideal for holding a light, medium, and heavy-weight item.

  • Mobile racking system

    This is a completely adjustable warehouse racking system which is a great solution for warehouses that lack space. They are meant to hold manually hand-picked items and products and are designed to hold more items in less space. With the help of mobile racks, cabinets are mounted on rail systems which eliminate fixed aisles and increase productivity even when the space is tight.

    a mobile racking system may often be an automated warehouse racking system as they can be mechanized as well. Some even come equipped well with locking systems. Armstrong is the ideal place for you to go and get this if interested as they are going to provide you with the best.

  • Double deep racking system

    These types of racking systems are created by putting one row of the racking behind another. A double deep racking system is the best that you can buy for your warehouse if it fits the need as it is the least expensive way to create high-density storage as it helps in increasing storage capacity by about 45%.

  • Back racking system

    This is a popular option when it comes to food-oriented operations. With the help of back racking systems, items are placed on carts and they slide forward when the items in front are removed. It is very similar to how refrigerated beverages are stored. Items are kept and retrieved from one aisle which reduces the picking time and makes these racks efficient for being used in places that require a large number of pickups.


These are some of the common kinds of racking systems that you will need for your warehouse. Armstrong is a company that is going to make this decision extremely easy for you by providing you with the best warehouse racking system which suits your purpose. Buying a racking system is a great investment and if you are considering getting one, choose Armstrong.

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