Debunked: What is Robotic Palletization?

Industries need a lot of storing area to keep their products until they are approved. They need a particular area dedicated to storage where there can be huge racking systems with multiple units. These areas are like the center of the entire production machinery and have a very important role in the entire process. Industries have special demands when it comes to these storing facilities and is designed in such a way that they benefit them in every way.

Many companies provide storing options to their clients and help them in setting up their racks. Armstrong Limited is one such company that provides its customers with all techniques including robotic palletization systems. They provide very reasonable services and top-quality services.

Among the different types of machines used in factories, many huge industries make use of the robotic palletization technique to store and keep all their products on pallets. This technique has proven to be very effective in certain factories.

What is robotic palletization?

Robotic palletization is the use of robotic automatic machines to load and unload objects on or from flat surfaces like pallets. They are used to unitize the bundles of products and are often referred to as bundling. It also uses a pallet strapping machine that holds the objects firmly and keeps them on pallets.

But this robotic palletization technique along with its Pallet Strapping Machine Solution has certain flaws that need to be looked at.

What are the flaws of Robotic palletization?

Robotic palletization has many uses and works very well in certain specific industries. But they have certain flaws that make them inconvenient for use in other factories. So, factories need to choose the type of system they need in their industry before making a purchase they might regret.

The flaws of robotic palletization are-

  • Difficult to re-program

    If the production process or the production size of the factory changes, then many changes take place in the loading and unloading processes. Robotic palletization machines have a certain way of doing all the tasks that are programmed in their system. If any changes need to be made in the process of production, then these devices also need to be re-programmed. The process of re-programming isn’t that easy and needs extensive knowledge on these devices. It will take a proper workman adept in these systems, to make these changes. So, these pallet trapping machines can be a bit tedious for regular workers to process.

  • Increased expenses

    This technique is very useful in many companies but it is recommended to opt for this system only when you have a large initial capital. The robotic palletization technique is expensive not only when it comes to buying it, but also in maintaining it. This machine gives quick returns by making the entire loading and unloading process easy but has to be given additional attention when it comes to regular maintenance. These should only be bought after careful consideration of the finances and budget of the company.

  • Issues of accuracy

    Pallet strapping machine solutions are often not very accurate. They are subjected to errors and can cause problems sometimes. They aren’t very full-proof. If they malfunction anytime, this may lead to injuries of workers and can cause a lot of chaos. Robotic palletization, therefore, needs a lot of consideration and regular maintenance so they don’t cause any problems.

  • Extensive data research

    All the factors of production that need to be loaded and unloaded need to be added to the algorithm before it is set to be used with pallet strapping machines. The size, weight, and density- all these factors need to be updated in the robotic machine after full research, so the machine can work with compatibility. There has to be extensive research done by proper specialists to build a smooth system that helps in managing the pallets efficiently.

  • Need for many pick-up locations

    Robotic palletization requires many pick locations for the machinery, and so, it needs a lot of real estates and space. Only those industries can buy this technology that has a large amount of space and capital. Not all companies can afford this kind of service due to less space and capital. Also, it takes a lot of time for the installation of these pick-up spots, and they also need a lot of maintenance and attention.

All things considered; robotic palletization is a very useful service that is used in many companies to make work faster and easier. This technology is gaining a lot of popularity and many industries are inclining towards the use of this technique. However, the pallet strapping machines have many flaws. They need extensive knowledge for their installation and management and also, they occupy a lot of space that can’t be afforded by many industries. All these pros and cons should be carefully looked at by companies before purchasing the robotic platinization machine.

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