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Inventory is an integral part of the production system. It keeps track of products in the supply chain from production to end sales. Managing and maintaining records of the entire inventory system is a challenging task. But with the help of a smart warehouse management system, you can quickly and efficiently handle your organization's warehouse system and have control over the flow of products. A sound warehouse system helps organize and manage the utilization of available resources and supports staff in the movement of materials within the warehouse.

Functions of Warehouse Control System

The warehouse system's most important function is to optimize and streamline the different inventory processes like a stocking, storing, labeling, and packaging of the goods. Once these processes are optimized, you can streamline the other transportation process from shipping, loading/unloading, and delivery of items.

Today many organizations are investing in innovative warehouse control systems to increase their business efficiency and productivity. It helps to streamline your business process and maximize space utilization by reducing cost and improving efficacy. Armstrong is one such warehouse automation solution offering high-end inbound and outbound sorting and storage operations, enabling 100% visibility productivity. We use innovative technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence, machine learning intelligence to make your processes faster and cheaper.


Advantage of Smart Warehouse Management System

Managing and keeping track of the organization’s warehouse is not an easy task. It needs a lot of time, effort, and labor to look after every operation efficiently. Therefore, nowadays, many companies are investing in the automated warehouse control system. It offers:

  • Reduced cost and labor
  • Increased operational efficacy
  • Transparency of the inventory & storage
  • Prevent Inventory shrinkage
  • Promote stock visibility
  • Reduce the risk of injuries to the workers
  • Decrease manual errors
  • Optimize storage locations
  • Increase Warehouse throughputs

Components of Smart Warehouse Management System

Armstrong's years of experience make it one of the smart warehouse management systems in the world. It helps companies like E-tail, food, parcel, FMCG, and retail warehouse industries to reduce their costs and increase efficiency in productivity. It will help reduce the time and effort required to manage the warehouse inventory process and focus on other areas of work for better productivity. Some of the key components of warehouse control system possess:


RFID technology provides detailed information about the product type, size, manufacturing date, expiry date, and so on. This technology helps store a large volume of data than that of barcodes and can scan a large volume of tags at a time.


We use an intelligent robotic system that offers reliable warehouse solutions. As we know, in a more extensive manufacturing system, waste is carrying out the bulk of loads daily. Advanced robotics is used to pick and store products at the right place in the warehouse. It will reduce the time and distance traveled. It ensures faster movement of goods and decreases minor errors when compared to the manual process.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI is used to analyze and collect data which consistent progression of the processes. Artificial Intelligence enables robotics to select the best route for goods storage and picking. It helps machines to choose the suitable box based on the size, type, and several packaging. It also ensures the safety and security of the warehouse by analyzing and solving any risks.

Machine learning:

Automated machine learning process allows developers to build high-scale models for achieving efficiency and productivity along with quality. It saves time and resources and solves business problems faster.

Video Analytics:

We use video analytics to ensure a smart warehouse control system. Video analytics provide safe and secure functions by analyzing suspicious behavior. Intelligent video analytics implementation in any organization leads to automated process and give more insight to the warehouse process to achieve business objectives.

Role of implementing smart warehouse management system in your business

To achieve profitable business success with the growing demand, it is essential to implement smart technologies. The smart process does improve not only the functionality of supply chain management but also boosts warehouse productivity.

1. Innovation automated vehicle technology helps to locate the shortest route for product delivery, saving your time and fuel costs. It is a very challenging task to keep track of every aspect of the supply chain system. Still, it is easy for the managers to track the location of goods delivery and vehicle speed with the connected platform.

2. Compared to the manual method, a smart warehouse control system prevents goods damage and tampering. One-third of the products get spoiled during the transportation to delivery. But smart technologies help to automatically track and adjust the temperature, moisture, or any other external materials that hamper the goods during transport or delivery.

3. Smart technologies ensure product security by notifying about the location of goods. In case of any theft, it automatically alerts the managers for product retrieval. Thanks to the automatic sensor technologies that prevent your assets from any kind of theft or damage.

Connect with the Best Warehouse system

Armstrong is the best Intralogistics Automation Company with over 20 years of experience in intralogistics and warehouse solutions. Our developed and experienced professionals have already delivered a smart warehouse control system and helped business owners track the product location and detect whether change or equipment malfunctions. It will further enable business you to streamline their warehouse operation with increased throughputs and productivity. So connect with Armstrong and build a smart warehouse for your business needs.

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