Precision in Motion: The Advanced Capabilities of Armstrong's Stacker Crane

A Stacker Crane is a type of AS/RS used in distribution centres and warehouses to store and retrieve goods quickly and easily. A vertical lift mechanism and a horizontal carriage are both part of this crane-like device. The Stacker Crane can access various storage areas and collect products precisely because of its ability to move about the warehouse's aisles and racks. On that note, Armstrong’s Stacker Crane is a state-of-the-art piece of machinery engineered to perfection to meet the needs of any size distribution centre and storage facilities. This revolutionary device will improve your workflow whether you run a small warehouse or a massive distribution centre.

How Does Stacker Crane Work?

The Stacker Crane's high-tech control system allows it to accomplish difficult jobs with little to no assistance from its operators. Integration with a WMS, which regulates and optimizes the flow of stock, is common practice. The Stacker Crane is directed to the requested storage area after receiving a request for a specific item from the WMS. The crane's horizontal carriage travels the aisle to the appropriate rack location while the vertical lift mechanism raises and lowers the crane to the required height. After the item has been rescued, the Stacker Crane will transport it to a preset pick-up location.

The Benefits of Implementing Supply Chain Management Software

  • Firstly, businesses can increase their storage capacity by using stacker cranes since they use vertical space well. Warehouses can maximize their storage capacity without adding square footage by simply stacking more shelves higher.

  • Second, Stacker Cranes enhance efficiency by removing the potential for human error during retrieval. As a result, orders can be processed more accurately and quickly, leading to happier customers and greater productivity.

  • Thirdly, increased security is paramount, as material handling by hand can tax the body and lead to injuries. Stacker cranes make it so warehouse workers no longer have to employ dangerous, physically demanding methods to retrieve goods from high shelves.

  • Stacker cranes are able to make the most of limited aisle space because of their compact shape. Warehouse layouts can be improved by making better use of available space by lowering the minimum aisle width needed for processing and packaging.

  • Stacker Cranes are scalable, which is an important feature for growing organizations with expanding inventory needs. Because of their capacity for vertical expansion, warehouses can meet rising storage demands with little to no adjustment to their current layout.

Get Seamless High Bay Storage with Armstrong's Stacker Cranes

When it comes to unit-load handling and storage in high bay facilities, Armstrong’s stacker cranes are the way to go. Stacker cranes' cutting-edge rails and control systems make light work of heavy lifting, long-distance travel, and pinpoint placement of products. These cranes come complete with telescoping forklifts, guaranteeing rapid and error-free operations that will boost your facility's efficiency and effectiveness. And because stacker cranes are so simple to operate, they can be integrated into your business with no disruption. You may rely on Armstrong’s stacker cranes to improve the effectiveness of your high bay facilities and optimize the handling of individual loads.

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Stacker cranes are beneficial because they make better use of vertical space, allow for greater storage density, facilitate accurate picking and placement of products, and boost production through mechanization. They can also facilitate more efficient and accurate inventory management while enhancing workflow efficiency.

Stacker cranes move along guide rails in predetermined patterns. The vertical lift mechanism raises or lowers the load and is transported to its final storage site by the horizontal carriage. Smooth and accurate operations are guaranteed by high-tech control systems.

Stacker cranes are an excellent investment in high bay facilities where space is at a premium. They find widespread application in facilities that handle high volumes of unit loads or palletized goods, such as warehouses, distribution centres, factories, and logistics hubs.

Stacker cranes can be linked up with WMS already in place, so the answer is yes. They can interact with the system to get real-time information on stock levels, directions for picking specific things, and more.

In order to answer your question, "yes," stacker cranes do include safety mechanisms. Sensors are also included to identify obstacles, emergency stop buttons, and crash-prevention mechanisms. Operators of stacker cranes must be well-trained and compliant with all safety regulations at all times.

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