Advantages of telescopic conveyors in a warehouse

Armstrong is one of the best telescopic conveyor manufacturers in India. They provide their clients with the most reliable and the best warehouse automation solutions and are the choice of a large number of customers. A telescopic conveyor is something that has transformed the material haling activities of all the industries that use it.

What are telescopic conveyors?

A telescopic conveyor is the best choice for warehouse units. They come in handy when either it becomes necessary to increase the performance of the warehouse which would lead to profit, or when the available space in the warehouse is very limited, or when it is just not possible to reconstruct the entire system of a warehouse from scratch as this would prove to be very expensive for anyone.

A telescopic conveyor is an ideal choice for loading and unloading packages. It is a machine that can be extended so that it can help in minimizing the need for operators to carry any load or products by hand. With just one simple movement of a joystick, the drop-off or the pickup point can be placed directly on the operator’s side.

Recently, telescopic conveyors have gained popularity and there has been a significant rise in the demand for telescopic conveyor manufacturers in India. The best one of all the manufacturers is Armstrong without any doubt as their telescopic conveyors can be custom built so that it suits the needs of your warehouse.

What are the various advantages of a telescopic conveyor?

There are various benefits of a telescopic conveyor that you need to know in case you are considering buying one for your warehouse. The benefits can easily be known if you look at the various uses of a telescopic conveyor. Some of the advantages of telescopic conveyors are:

  • They are versatile

    Telescopic conveyors are very versatile and can be used for take-up or take-down purposes. They can carry materials from one level to another in a warehouse despite the inclination of their angle. Another thing to be noted is that the length of a telescopic conveyor can be changed according to desire and need and it can be done easily with just a push on a button on the control panel.

    Telescopic conveyors can easily move either forward or in the opposite direction which results in a higher level of functionality during handling and transportation of materials in a warehouse. Armstrong provides the best customized telescopic conveyors at competitive prices but of the best quality.

  • They are extremely cost-effective

    The most important thing that telescopic conveyors do is that they save the cost of manual labor that too in a very big way. Telescopic conveyors reduce the need for laborers in a warehouse who would have otherwise transported the products from one place to another. With the help of this, the material handling cost of manual laborers will be cut down drastically.

    Armstrong is one of the best telescopic conveyor manufacturers because their telescopic conveyors are not only cost-efficient but are also energy efficient and this is a win-win situation for all the industries.

  • Enhances the safety of workers

    Telescopic conveyors help in reducing the need for workers at the warehouse to handle heavy loads and other products by hand. Because of this, the chances of accidents, injuries, and mishaps that are caused by carelessness are reduced drastically and this enhances that all the workers in the warehouse are safe.

    Other safety features are provided in telescopic conveyors. This includes an alarm system that would go off if there is any kind of overload or blockage during the handling of materials in a warehouse. Armstrong makes sure that their telescopic conveyors provide the best safety to people in a warehouse.

  • They are easy to operate

    The most important benefit of telescopic conveyors is that they are very easy to operate. However, it is advisable to check and learn about the various control panels and operations that are provided by the manufacturer of the conveyors. Easy-to-use machines are a great benefit to any warehouse.

    Armstrong provides its customers with the best telescopic conveyors which are very easy to use and do not need any rocket science to be understood. Since they make customized telescopic conveyors, they can make the control panel even easier for the ones who are interested.

  • They are time efficient

    The transportation of materials over a long distance or height becomes faster and easier with the help of telescopic conveyors. This helps in increasing the productivity of any business by handling large volumes and amounts of materials in a small amount of time which is opposed to the ones done manually.


These were the various benefits of a telescopic conveyor and if you are considering buying one, Armstrong would be the best choice of manufacturers for you.

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