Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Automation provides a way where automation and software aid your firm’s operations right from inventory arriving the warehouse till it leaves through shipping. It not only boosts productivity and profitability but also provides a great opportunity to set your company apart from competitors by attracting customers through quicker and on-target delivery. The four primary benefits of warehouse automation are reduced labor costs, increased operational efficiency, increased workplace safety, and the ability to address labor availability concerns.

Benefits of Warehouse Automation

Reduced Costs :

Warehouse Automation provides an alternative to replace the traditional way where repetitive and similar tasks are performed by labor around thousand times a day. This is effective as it reduces the dependency on the competitive labor market. Right from salary, healthcare expenses, retirement benefits, vacation and sick time, overtime pay, etc., all labor costs can be reduced significantly.

Additionally, in the business growth phase, you don’t need to hire more staff but the automation system would take care of the same. Thus by replacing personnel with a warehouse automation system, the perpetual growth in labor costs can be mitigated. Warehouse automation technologies become more and more profitable as time goes on since after initial investments are recovered once, all savings associated with it are pure profit.

Increased Efficiency :

One of the imperative reasons that make warehouse automation highly beneficial is the attached factor of increasing efficiency up to the levels that could never be achieved by the workforce. In the order fulfillment process, mistakes are bound to happen at various steps when the human element is involved. Whereas the Warehouse Automation system ensures maximum efficiency by reducing waste, increasing output, and making operations more productive and accurate.

Increased Workplace safety :

Apart from increasing efficiency, warehouse automation also ensures workplace safety. Mishaps and accidents that can arise from traditional methods can be reduced to almost negligible ensuring maximum safety of products, equipment as well as workforce. Thus automation systems reduce the human element that can lead to accidents, therefore, saving money by reducing the damage that workers can cause.

Reduced Labor Constraints :

External factors like demographic trends and tight labor markets can no longer affect productivity and profitability due to reduced labor constraints. The warehouse automation system allows the work to be taken care of by technology and software instead of labor vulnerable to externalities. Additionally Warehouse automation allows repetitive tasks to be done by automation, allowing the workforce to do more crucial tasks that need manual supervision and are physically less demanding.

Warehouse Automation Solutions

Warehouse and Inventory Management :

Warehouse Execution System (WES) is the nervous system that manages inventory, controls automated processes, keeps continuous order flowing thus ensures operations run smoothly. It dynamically tracks the various processes involved in the order fulfillment process and manages the automated systems like ASRS, pallet shuttles, carousels, and sortation.

Product Handling :

Conveyor Systems convey goods and products from location to location within the operation. There are several types of conveyor systems that are available to properly suit your needs according to the available warehouse space.

Pallet Handling Systems:

Pallet handling systems increase the efficiency of the warehouse by proving an alternative to the functions that require dedicated forklift operators. Common pallet handling systems include Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR), Drag Chain, and Transfer Car systems.

Palletizing :

Palletizing system provides an economic and safe way to arrange goods and products on a pallet for transport and storage purposes.

Sorting :

Sortation involves the process of identifying and sorting products from the conveyor and sending them to their destinations using task-specific software. Sorters have the potential to touch nearly every part of the order fulfillment process including receiving, picking, packing, and shipping.


automatic storage system places the goods in the storage area, and the goods are then retrieved using the automatic sorting system as per the demand. Thus lowest cost storage density and highest throughput rates can be achieved using the Automated Storage and Retrieval systems.

Packing :

Packaging is one of the most important steps of the order completion process since it involves the final interaction with the customer. Cartonization is the packaging process that prepares an order for fulfillment using the size, quantity, and type of container required to optimize order packaging.

Shipping :

An automated shipping system can replace multiple manual checking and parcel manifesting stations by automating the manual tasks associated with shipping orders.

Going Ahead with Warehouse Automation

As a firm grows, operational changes due to warehouse automation can have a huge impact on the firm’s productivity and profitability. To better understand the achievable goals from the warehouse automation, you must have a clear idea of the following key points:

  • Key Performance metrics of your operations
  • Goals that you hope to achieve through automation
  • Finding the right partner for your warehouse automation
About Armstrong:

Armstrong is India’s biggest Intralogistics & warehouse automation solutions provider; we build intelligent intralogistics & material handling automation solutions. With innovative know-how, we automate your inbound, outbound, storage, and sorting operations. Please below the attached Armstrong solutions overview.

Range of our solutions:
  • End-of-line Automation - conveying, lifting, spirals, merging, etc.
  • Automatic Storage & Retrieval (ASRS): Stacker crane & Shuttle based
  • Automatic palletization - Robotic Palletization and Pick and Place solutions
  • Sortation Automation
  • AGV/AMRs
  • Dock and Dispatch Automation

Our prime goal is to make your lives easy by providing Business Intelligence fueled intralogistics & warehouse automation solutions that give 100% visibility and meet the demand of greater velocity, high volume, handling wide variety and high-value goods, thereby eliminating the cost of poor quality & increasing safety. To enhance your profitability, we deploy a plethora of technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence for your material handling automation needs.

Leveraging Armstrong's intelligent automation solutions, our Fortune 500 customers have reaped unparalleled benefits of realizing a Multifold Increase in Profits through a reduction in OpEx & elimination of manpower dependence.

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