The Concept and Advantages of Automated E-commerce Fulfilment Explained

In the present times, E-commerce shopping has become the absolute choice of everyone. It is because E-commerce shopping is fast and reliable. People don’t have to step out of their homes to purchase the items. Instead, the things they buy get delivered to their doorstep.

The process of ordering items from E-commerce websites is easy for customers. But, on the other hand, the delivery process by the companies is complex. In this cut-throat competition, companies try their best to excel in their services to the customers.

It is why automated E-commerce fulfillment is the talk of the present times. Many E-commerce companies are using it to provide quality services to their customers. So what exactly is this service, and what does it do?

What is automated E-commerce fulfillment?

As the trend of E-commerce shopping increased, the demand for product delivery in one day also boosted. People want their things to be delivered as soon as they order them from an E-commerce site.

Automated E-commerce fulfillment is the technology that eliminates the time-consuming, repetitive tasks from the direct management of human beings. Repetitive tasks are the most significant time killers that increase the delivery time to the customers. This technology removes the physical labor from doing the same task and decreases the time gap of delivery.

E-commerce fulfillment automation does not always only include the use of robots and software. It provides hardware too. For example, using a conveyor belt will reduce packing and delivering the packages from one place to another. In this way, the conveyor belt also comes under this technology.

This technology gives third-party logistics (3PLs) access to deploy their labor in performing the time-consuming tasks in the company. It allows the companies to focus on the crucial issues rather than the packaging and shipping. Automated E-commerce fulfillment reduces human errors and allows the companies to manage the customer’s orders effectively.

Armstrong is one of the companies that provide quality mechanical E-commerce fulfillment services to customers.

Different examples of E-commerce fulfillment automation:

E-commerce fulfillment automation is not a single technology but a group of technologies that combine to provide quality services to the customers.

Here is the list of these technologies that provide retail fulfillment solutions to the companies:

  • Box taping and erector:

    Applying tapes on the delivery boxes and preparing them to deliver the items takes too much time and labor. Therefore, it reduces the productivity of the company and increases the delivery time.

    An automatic tape applier and box erector is used as a part of retail fulfillment solutions. It applies the tape on the boxes and makes the boxes ready to pack orders.

  • Automated order weight verification:

    Weight verification by human laborers is another time-consuming process. They manually check the weight of each order and compare it with the information feed in the system. Due to so much work pressure, there are always the chances of human errors.

    But, the order weight verifier, a part of automated E-commerce fulfillment, checks the weight of each item accurately. If the weight does not match with the information in the system, it is sent back and gets reviewed by a human. Thus, it significantly reduces human error and increases the quality of retail fulfillment solutions.

  • Automated insertion of order slips in the boxes:

    A receipt is necessary for an E-commerce order. It is why companies put the order slips inside the boxes. But, it is too time taking if done by humans.

    Armstrong uses automated machines that insert the order slips inside delivery packages without any intervention from human beings.

Benefits of E-commerce fulfilment automation:
  • Reduction of manual labor:

    The concept of E-commerce fulfillment automation is based on the deployment of intelligent hardware and software to reduce manual labor and provide fast retail fulfillment solutions.

    In this way, Armstrong saves both labor costs and manual labor for the companies. And allows the companies to focus and invest in the quality of products.

  • Faster delivery of items:

    It is unknown that machines work faster than human beings and with more minor errors and more efficiency. They take less time in producing the same output in comparison to the human beings

    In this way, E-commerce fulfillment automation offers the faster delivery of items to the customer. In addition, this technology makes it possible to courier the item on the same day it was ordered. Further, it allows the companies to cope with the growing demands of the present market and the strength of their competitors.

Armstrong has experience of 20 years, and it has worked in more than 14 countries. This third-party logistics company employs every new technology to increase the profit of the business. From Artificial intelligence to the deployment of robotics, this company provides faster, cheaper, and scalable solutions to E-commerce companies.

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