Next Generation Put to Light System

The disruptive forces within the logistics industry constantly reshape the way companies think about business conduct, technology and the way forward. Thus, logistics solutions providers must leverage the emerging industry trends to stay at the bleeding edge and remain competitive. One of our customers, a leading end-to-end technology enabled logistics solutions provider holds a vision to provide speedy, safe and reliable nationwide express delivery services to e-commerce industry by capitalizing on scalable & cutting edge solutions.

Pick to Light Put to Light

Errors due to the manual mode of working, manual form filling, delays in shipping and delivery and lack of efficient picking systems had begun to limit this logistics solution provider’s order processing capacity, and they soon realized that this would affect order accuracy, speed, and efficiency in their fulfilment process. This necessitated the demand for a Put-to-Light system that provides increased accuracy, productivity & speed. Armstrong being the leading warehouse automation service provider grabbed the opportunity and provided a scalable & modular put to light system that optimizes order fulfilment for piece picking.

ALSHAIN - Armstrong’s Put to Light System Yields Productivity & Accuracy in a New Light

Traditional pick-to-light solutions use lights on a shelf or rack position to indicate to warehouse associates which item to pick from a location, or in an order consolidation application which item to "put" in a cubby. ALSHAIN Armstrong’s Put-to-Light System is an advanced paperless picking system providing an innovative, streamlined, and cost-effective solution to simplify the order fulfillment processes in warehouses or distribution centers. The fulfilment centre receives requests which are sent to the pickers stationed at different areas in the warehouse. The pickers then send relevant crates to the operators through conveyors. The operator scans a pick order using a scanner. Each PTL Rack has ‘x’ numbers of light attached to it and each light is mapped to any one store. After completing the scanning operation our systems direct the operator where they need to put the totes and in what quantity by illuminating the lights and displaying the quantity. The operator then checks which lights are illuminated and what is the quantity displayed on the light, after which they put the respective quantity in the crate nearby the light. This process goes on until the crate is full or the requirements of that crate are fulfilled.

Optimized Operations

Armstrong's Put to Light Systems feature easily visible lights located directly on the storage slot to indicate from where the next item is to be picked. A display signals the number of items to be retrieved. Post retrieval, the Operators acknowledge the transaction by pressing a button, and the display turns off after pick or put. All information is exchanged in real-time with the master materials management or warehouse management system.

Pick to Light Put to Light


Pick-to-light applications are regarded as best systems for high-volume directed picking, whereas put-to-light applications works wonders for bulk manual sorting. It ensures a lean process, faster throughput coupled with reduced errors thus yielding a transparent process.

Pick to Light Put to Light