Highly Advanced Automatic Identification System to Simplify Business Operations

Automatic identification and data collection systems are mainly used to identify and track products and items. It is a kind of technology that identifies records, verifies and stores discrete information in a highly versatile way. Because the entire process is automated, all the information can be processed quickly and accurately. Some of the most popular forms of technologies which are used to identify and capture the data are handheld barcode, fixed-position scanners, imagers, radio frequency identification, tags, voice recognition devices, etc.

We are one of the most reputed organizations for providing Automatic Identification Systems and Packing Solutions to our customers. Our services are meant for the best interest of the customers. We use Automatic Identification System in inventory picking, determining the weight and volume of product, tracking and tracing the products throughout the supply chain

Order fulfilment process, etc.

What are the different types of automatic identification and data collection systems?

Linear Barcode:

Linear or one-dimensional barcode is formed using specific lines containing white spaces in between. This represents alphanumeric data. It can also represent simple numeric data.

Matrix of two-dimensional barcode:

It is a pattern of black and white dots. Matrix barcodes are capable of storing more information as compared to linear barcodes.

Radio frequency identification:

Radio frequency identification is basically used as transponders to embed valuable data in a polymer or microchip. These chips are strategically placed to locate and identify the products carrying a particular tag. These tags generate an electromagnetic field. This field can capture the data and provide you with the required information.

Voice record:

Native voice recognition devices like voice headsets and wireless systems can also be used for Product Identification in Packaging. These devices are also used by the workers of an organisation when a task is completed. The workers speak to the headset to confirm that a particular task has been completed.

How do we use automatic identification and data collecting systems?

AIDC is used in different areas to support the processing and manufacturing activities throughout a business unit:

  • Assembly: Verifying that the right components have been selected for assembling a particular product.
  • Order picking: Providing confirmation that the right quantity of item has been picked from the desired location.
  • Quality control: Directing the employees to perform a particular task or to visit a particular location.
  • Replenishment: Confirming that the required items have been restocked in the right location.
  • Storage: Ensuring that the items have been securely stored in the store houses.

Benefits of automatic identification and data collection systems

Automatic identification and data collection systems have multiple benefits in all types of industries. Let us have a look at some of those benefits of AIDC technology:

  • AIDC systems will help you to have complete control over your inventory. You will be able to take care of all the processes right from production to outbound shipping.
  • AIDC also helps in Product Identification in Packaging. Because of constant monitoring, you will also be able to monitor the number of units in your facility.
  • Data collected by AIDC provides you with detailed information regarding the location of your stored products.
  • Accuracy and efficiency is also maintained because of AIDC. This will help you to improve the satisfaction level of your customers.

Use of Product Identification in Packaging 

Our unique packaging systems and solutions will allow you to optimize your business operations and pack all your materials to the warehouses. We have a highly efficient packing solution available for our customers. The product will be properly sealed and packed into cartons before they are shipped to their desired locations.

Our packing solutions are highly reliable and effective. We also use highly advanced forms of technology in offering packing solutions to our customers. We use pallet strapping machines in providing packing solutions. We also offer end-of-the-line packing solutions, weighting and printing systems, scanning and identification modules, etc.

So, if you are on the lookout for Automatic Identification System and Packing Solutions to simplify your business operations, then you must visit us at our online store and have a look at our wide array of products that we have got to offer to our customers. You can also contact our officials for detailed information regarding our products and services.

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