Advantages of a dimensioning and weighing machine

The needs and demands of customers keep changing from day to day and companies and warehouses need to keep up with it. The rapidly changing customer expectation has led to the rise of a dimensioning and weighing machine in a warehouse which has drastically changed its optimization and flexibility. Armstrong is the best place for you to get dimensioning and weighing machines for your warehouse as they provide those clients with the best.

Dimensioning and weighing are effective means of saving money, driving margins, and increasing profits by optimizing functions like picking, storage, shipping, and distribution. It is an important building block in a warehouse. Dimensioning and weighing machine systems have a lot of advantages in a warehouse but first before knowing the advantages, let's see what dimensioning and weighing machines are.

What are dimensioning and weighing machines?

A dimensioning and weighing machine is a system that senses the height, breadth, width, and weight of a product through ultrasound, vision/Charge-Coupled (CCDJ) cameras, and infrared lights. These sensors are combined with 2D cameras, barcode scanners, label printers, and dynamic or static weighing systems which complete the full system of dimensioning, weighing, and tracking of a product. They capture and keep a complete record of things.

The dimensional information that is collected by these systems is stored and exported automatically to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), where it is used to create and deliver value. While most data transfers are generic and can work with computerized warehouse systems, some need to be custom-made so that they can fit specific application requirements. Armstrong is going to help you as they make customized dimensioning and weighing machine systems so that their customers get exactly what they need.

Various advantages of a dimensioning and weighing machine

If you want to invest in dimensioning and weighing machines, you should choose to get one from Armstrong as they are the best dimensioning and weighing machine manufacturers in India. Getting a dimensioning and weighing machine for your warehouse is going to be a good investment because of the various benefits that it provides the industry with. Some of the benefits of a dimensioning and weighing machine are:

It helps in reducing the inaccuracy in shipping costs

A warehouse can effectively determine the actual shipping cost by knowing the exact measurement and weight of a product. Knowing about this, helps the industry to offer better pricing to their customers. In today's time, many shipping businesses and carriers charge their suppliers, vendors, and customers based on the height, weight, breadth, and width of a product. Therefore this exact knowledge of the height, weight, breadth, and width of a product helps in determining the right freight charge.

The accurate dimensional data which the industry gets with the help of dimensional and weighing machines, help in decreasing the expenses and charges from the carrier and shipping companies as they would have charged a much higher fare otherwise because of the incorrect dimensional calculation. Armstrong will help you in providing the right dimensioning and weighing machine that gives the right measurement.

Helps in boosting quality control

An important duty of an industry is guaranteeing the order fulfillment function. Quality control plays an important role in affecting the efficiency of a warehouse by preventing damages to an item that would reach the customers. This improves order accuracy and profits. Dimensioning the items can identify the defects in an item.

Dimensioning and weighing machine systems can effectively check the quality of an item and that can result in immediate replacement or remedy of the item. They are fast inspection systems and help in saving a lot of time. The automated measurements reduce the unimportant costs, labor, and wrong shipments due to insufficient quality checks.

They help in simplifying slotting in a warehouse

Slotting is the process in which the stocks are organized in the most compact, efficient, and optimized way in a warehouse. A dimensioning and weighing machine helps in improving the slotting process by making it extremely simple and systematic in any given warehouse. Dimensioning helps in the slotting of products in the best way possible without causing any sort of harm to it. No hassles or errors are involved in it.

Armstrong manufactures the best dimensioning and weighing machines for the items to be nicely placed and neatly aligned for the optimal pickup and shipment, saving time, effort, and cost.


Dimensioning and weighing machines can serve a warehouse with a lot of advantages that will be beneficial for the company. Hence, if you are planning on buying dimensioning and weighing machine systems for your warehouse, you must consider buying them from Armstrong as they are a trusted company for providing automated machines all over India.

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