FMCG (Food and Nonfood)


Growing populations, changing lifestyles, rising per capita, disposable incomes, as well as a growing rural market, are the key drivers of this industry.

To decrease the time taken to reach millions of stores and keep stocks optimal, manufacturers must strengthen their supply chains and distribution. Know more


Handling naked food products is challenging. To overcome these challenges, identifying and deploying customized products that are suitable for your needs happen to be even more challenging. The unique intricacies and design solutions to simplify processes need to be identified and worked upon.

Your facility needs a partner who understands that sanitary manufacturing is critical while handling food products.

Armstrong offers expert solutions that include clean conveyors, wipe-down conveyors, stainless steel conveyors, and heavy wash-down conveyors.


Non-Food FMCG often carries shorter shelf lives and owe low-profit margin; but because of the bulk sales, they happen to be very profitable.

Companies in this sector conduct businesses at high volumes which results in vast distribution networks, low-contribution techniques, and high stock turnovers.

This gives rise to the need for automation in material handling and warehousing systems. Armstrong has been supporting FMCG non-food manufacturers on this front successfully for years.