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Warehouses are an important node in any supply chain. They don’t just play the conventional roles of logistics like storage & processing the inventory, orders but are a key element in realizing higher profits and customer delight. Thus, progressive organizations are embracing industry 4.0 enable Smart Warehouse Solutions. These IoT-enable Smart Warehouses are equipped with highly efficient material handling and intralogistics automation solutions for high velocity of operations. Along with that Smart Warehouse Management Systems and Software provide transparent visibility of the operations with complete traceability.

Smart Warehouse is a normal warehouse for raw materials or finished goods equipped with machines, mechatronics and internet enabled computing devices. These assist the humans in the warehouse & logistics operations. Depending on the level of automation and digitization, the human interaction in Smart Warehouse operations can be completely eliminated. Irrespective of the industry and market, whether it is FMCG, E-commerce, Retail, Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage (F&B), Warehousing, Smart Warehouse Solutions can be deployed in a scalable and a flexible basis to facilitate omni-channel operations. This in turn increases the speed to market and helps you serve wider markets – in a faster and a smarter way.

Importance of having a Smart Warehouse:

Smart Warehouse is inspired from ‘smart factory’ and are implemented to adopt data-driven operations. Smart Warehouses automate nearly entire operations in your production or warehouse. Whether it is identifying, receiving and counting orders, storing products, sorting them and also dispatching them out of the facility. Smart Warehouse Solutions integrate various automation technologies & interconnected equipment to conceive a technologically superior conditions in which materials and variety of shipments can be received, sorted, organized, recognized and prepared for delivery or dispatch automatically.

The combination elements & systems which create a Smart Warehouse:

A Smart Warehouse automates workflows, material flows, and operations using mechatronics equipment & Internet, IoT systems coupled with sensor technologies. This enables data flow with the material and each machine is able to communicate with each other. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Management Software enhance productivity & profitability with applications in inventory management and analytics, predictive operations and order fulfilment, etc. This enables human capital to focus on more important tasks while they monitor and support the automated processes. This builds a digitized environment making it a Smart Warehouse

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Industry 4.0 (IoT) enabled intralogistics & material handling solutions make the Smart Warehouse even more dynamic, agile & flexible, and facilitate scalability of operations as business grows. The intelligent communication of various elements like machines, sensors, software and AI along with the material & inventory being handled leads a way towards operational excellence.

The key elements of a Smart Warehouse:

Smart Warehouse is automated to improve productivity, accuracy and efficiency by deploying warehouse technologies across functions in the warehouse and logistics operations. These Smart Warehouse Solutions are also increase the flexibility and capability of the operations.

Depending upon the functional are a number of Smart Warehouse Solutions which can be implemented:

  • Dock Management Systems
  • Dimension Weighing and Scanning System (DWS)
  • Intelligent Inbound Automation with Industry 4.0 (IoT) material handling & conveying, sorting
  • Mobile Robotics – Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) & Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
  • Intelligent Conveying
  • Video Safety
  • Track & Trace
  • Video Analytics
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)
  • Goods to Person (G2P) Order Fulfilment
  • Robotic Picking
  • Automated Order Fulfilment
  • Robotic Sorting
  • Robotic Palletizing
  • Pick and Put to Light Systems
  • High Speed Loop Sorters & Linear Sortation Systems – Cross Belt Sorters, Shoe Sorters, ARB Sorters, Pop-up Sorters, etc
  • End of line automation
  • Packing to Warehouse automation
  • Consolidation and sortation

More importantly the intelligent software which binds each and every element of a Smart Warehouse together play a crucial role in realizing the actual benefits of the Smart Warehouse Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software for Warehouse Management Systems and Supply Chain Solutions, with the support of all the data collected and flowing with your material provide crucial real time Business Intelligence for quick and easy decision making. Various such software finds applications in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), Warehouse Execution Systems (WES). Also, Smart Warehouse Solutions include state-of-the-art software such as Track & Trace, Video Analytics, Inventory Analytics and Predictive Intelligence.

Benefits of Smart Warehouse Solutions:

There are innumerable benefits of having a Smart Warehouse. A smart warehouse as a whole, increase the Profitability of your organization by curbing & eliminating the losses. At the same time, you will achieve customer delight by serving your customers much more faster. This in turn increase customer retention & improve your market share and revenue. These are cumulative benefits which forward thinking organizations and elite customers of Armstrong are realizing day in and day out with their Smart Warehouses. Armstrong’s Intelligent Intralogistics and Warehouse Automation Solutions provide smooth deployment of material handling & logistics automation with Smart Warehouse Solutions. The benefits of Smart Warehouse Solutions can be stated as:

Optimized Op-Ex and Increased Profitability & Revenue on account of:

  • Reduced Labour Cost
  • Elimination of Revenue Loss through errors
  • Increased Space Utilization
  • Higher and Consistent Throughput
  • Faster Vehicle Turn Around
  • Error-free operations & dispatches
  • Zero Damages & Pilferages
  • Realtime visibility & traceability
  • Accurate forecasting for operations
  • Streamlined processes & workflows
  • Efficient production & operations
  • Optimized warehouse layout
  • Improve order fulfilment rates
  • Enhanced pick accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability of operations
  • Improved customer service levels

About Armstrong:

Armstrong is India’s biggest Intralogistics & warehouse automation solutions provider; we build intelligent intralogistics & material handling automation solutions. With innovative know-how, we automate your inbound, outbound, storage and sorting operations. Please below the attached Armstrong solutions overview.

Range of our solutions:
  1. End of line Automation - conveying, lifting, spirals, merging etc.
  2. Automatic Storage & Retrieval (ASRS): Stacker crane & Shuttle based
  3. Automatic palletization - Robotic Palletization and Pick and Place solutions
  4. Sortation Automation
  5. AGV/AMRs
  6. Dock and Dispatch Automation

Our prime goal is to make your lives easy by providing Business Intelligence fueled intralogistics & warehouse automation solutions which give 100% visibility and meet the demand of greater velocity, high volume, handling wide variety and high value goods, thereby eliminate the cost of poor quality & increasing safety. To enhance your profitability, we deploy a plethora of technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence for your material handling automation needs.

Leveraging Armstrong's intelligent automation solutions, our Fortune 500 customers have reaped unparalleled benefits of realizing Multifold Increase in Profits through reduction in OpEx & elimination of manpower dependence.

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