Sumeet Kurhade

Vaishnavi Raijade

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all other women.” - Maya Angelou

Armstrong Chronicles welcomes you to another gripping story about a young & enterprising woman who is the apple of everyone’s eye. To know more about her let’s dive back in time. It was 2017, she was in her final year of college pursuing mechanical engineering when Armstrong visited her college for a round of campus recruitment. After an impressive round of interview she was informed about the immediate opening and was offered to join the company. Being a final year student, it was a tough decision for her to choose between completing her degree & a new opportunity knocking at her door. Academic commitments compelled her to turn down the offer with a very heavy heart.

A few months later, Armstrong returned to the same campus for another round of hire. Only this time, they had a keen focus on recruiting the brightest minds. As destiny had planned she got selected once again and joined Armstrong this time. It has been 3.5 years since she has been serving as an assistant manager under the projects department.

She finds her inspiration from meeting various dynamic people and exploring new avenues. The two people who have greatly inspired her are her grandfather & mother. Besides her professional mettle she is a doting daughter who loves spending time with family. In her leisure time she tries to explore new places.

She lost her father when she was 6 years old and thus calls her mother a ‘one woman army’. Her mother has fought all the odds of single parenting and assured that her two children study with the best of amenities. Her mother’s undying spirit is her constant fuel in life. While she has derived courage from her mother, her sincerity & dedication stems from her grandfather who worked in HAL - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. In spite of being the senior most employee he was regarded as the youngest colleague at heart.

At Armstrong she credits VK sir as her inspiration and desires to have the same commitment towards work as he had. She recalls him as the man behind making her a strong bold lady today. He always trusted her & gave her the liberty to make mistakes and learn from them but also taught her not to repeat a mistake twice. She believes that all these incidents have shaped her life significantly and made her what she is today. Throughout her academic stint she has been praised for her confidence & good communication skills.

Her special moments at Armstrong involves an extraordinary incident which translated Armstrong as a safe workplace where her well-being was valued. The incident dates back to one of her maiden projects where her work was appreciated and she was shouldered with the responsibility of installation. In spite of not having much technical insights she agreed to it thinking this will keep her in the good books. However, the next day this opportunity was withdrawn from her. This left her feeling demotivated, however later she discovered that Vineet Sir took this decision for her safety. The site was not very safe for a woman employee and thus her safety was valued more than anything else. This experience introduced her to her new found corporate family - The Armstrong family!

She is immensely grateful for the exposure that Armstrong has given her at such an early age and feels blessed to work at a firm which gives her an opportunity to work where her heart lies. In the next 5 years she envisions herself at a higher position in her department, handling a team of several people, and being someone whom the management as well as the customers can trust. She has a message for each one of us - “ Deliver what you are meant to deliver with complete sincerity and be rest assured that it will be valued. ”

Ladies & gentlemen, this is the story of our Armstrong Lioness Vaishnavi Raijade!

What’s your story?

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