Types and benefits of Warehouse racking system

With the rapid increase in the competitive business market today, proper inventory management is a significant factor in the production line to streamline their warehouse operations. It is one of the most challenging warehouse professionals' tasks, but it can be solved easily by choosing the right warehouse racking system. Let start!

What is our warehouse racking system?

Our warehouse racking system is designed to organize your products or materials in horizontal rows at a different level. It helps to optimize existing space for warehouse operations, reduce clutter and increase productivity. By investing in a warehouse racking system in India, you can solve your warehouse storage issues by:

  • Optimizing existing warehouse storage space
  • Making loading/unloading and pick-up of pallet, parcels, and cartons easier
  • Helping in organizing pallets efficiently
  • Reducing labor for storage/retrieval of products and improves worker efficiency

Our different types of Warehouse racking system in India

Every warehouse has different requirements. Certain factors need to be considered while selecting the right racking system, such as budget, storage utilization, forklift accessibility, versatility, and inventory management. Some of our racking systems most commonly used for warehouse solutions are mentioned below:

Selective Racking System:

This is one of the most used pallet racking systems in the market today. Its inexpensive design and large size and accessories are configured to provide smart warehouse storage management. It is available in roll form and structural sheet to suit your budget and requirements. The selective pallet racking system is designed to allow full utilization of floor space and reduce worker time. It is suitable for standard storage and provides immediate access to the materials. It is available in different sizes, capacities, and configurations.

Drive-in Racking system:

This type of racking system is perfect for storing a large number of products in a limited space and thus ensures maximum density storage in your warehouse. It eliminates aisles and is designed to keep large quantities of products from the same entry/exit point for each rack. It is perfect for cold storage applications and can be ordered in roll form or structural sheet for better storage. The drive-in racking system is the cost-effective and best warehouse racking system in India that provides high-density storage for your warehouse solutions.

Push back pallet racking system:

This form of pallet racking system is perfect for high-density storage of multiple products or SKU’s. These racks are available in different cart configurations and allow faster loading and unloading of products as compared to that of drive-in racking systems. There is a reduced risk of rack damage in these systems due to the forklifts that do not enter inside the rack structure. It requires low maintenance and easy to access.

Pallet Flow racking system:

These are high-density storage racks consisting of elevated rails, conveyors, and gravity rollers. The flow racking system uses gravity rollers for the automated storage and retrieval of products. These pallets are best to increase the storage space facility in your warehouse as compared to another method. These racks are used in freezer warehouses or by companies that have expiration-date-sensitive items.

Narrow aisle racking system:

These racking systems possess similar characteristics to that of the selective pallet racks. These racking systems provide a high-density storage facility by utilizing maximum floor space and roof heights. These are designed in a way to provide better accessibility to each pallet in the warehouse.

Carton flow racking system:

The carton-flow warehouse racking system used the FIFO method (first-in and first-out) and is best for large volume order picking. These systems provide improved efficiency for distributors and order fulfillment centers and are space and time savings too.

Things to know before selecting warehouse racking system

As there is a wide variety of racking systems available, it is paramount to select the right one, as discussed earlier. Specific points should be considered before choosing the warehouse pallet racks.

  • Select pallet racks made up of high-quality materials and designed with an automated technical system
  • Ensure that the racks are quality tested and passed the International standard of operations
  • Ensure that the warehouse racks are cost-effective and involve time-saving operations
  • Ability to maximize the floor space of the warehouse
  • Ability to accommodate the large volume of goods
  • Ensure storage utilization depending on the size, weight, and quantity of the pallet
  • Use forklifts for bulk loads of the goods in a warehouse
  • Provide inventory storage and retrieval management of the warehouse
  • Made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and safety
  • Estimate the cost of the warehouse pallets racks as per your needs and requirements
  • Easy to access and install
Where to choose the Best warehouse racking system in India?

Choosing the best warehouse racking system is a difficult task due to a large number of pallet racks is available in the market today. Hence, it is necessary to select the best one. The right warehouse racks not only maximize the space but also help to streamline the warehouse operations.

If you are planning to invest in pallet racks for your business, you can connect with Armstrong. It is India’s biggest intralogistics automation company that guides you through the entire process of warehouse operations. We have a team of experienced professionals, engineers, managers, and sales staff who are dedicated to designing and executing the consumers' warehouse needs.

We provide uniquely crafted solutions to increase your productivity and profitability by using robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and advance business learning. We are here to provide the best pallet rack system facilities from selective to complex storage solutions. Try our Armstrong automation solution and make your operations more innovative, faster, and cheaper.

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