Sanjay Pawar

Sanjay Pawar

The watermelon trophy! On a scorching summer morning this aborigine (Bhil adivasi) boy stood before our founders with a watermelon in his work hardened hands! In amusement and curiosity our founders received the gift and asked him, why? Thence followed his heart wrenching story:

Had he not made his way into Armstrong, he would be toiling alongside his father and brothers as “bonded labour” on far off farms, annually earning a bag of food grain, a couple of thousand rupees (per annum) and one dress for Diwali. But he instead dreamt of sculpting his life with the opportunity he got.

The first skill he learned at Armstrong was wearing his shoes! While he worked hard at Armstrong in the day; in the nights he started digging up a well on his own little piece of arid ancestral land which had never seen any vegetation since Adam. The only help he had was this rudimentary crane whose rent he paid off from his salary. After 8 months and 80 feet of incessant digging, the Gods succumbed to his determination with an underground spring to transform his 2 acres into an Oasis! He immediately bailed out his brothers and father from their bonded labour contracts and they together grew watermelons on their own farm - right in the middle of the summer! This one in his hands was the first melon he plucked and decided to gift it to his Dronacharyas.

The Dronacharyas of his story gave him their thumbs for a change and provided him every opportunity to upskill himself!

From his first milestone of qualifying as a X-Ray quality welder until exploring his passion of CNC programming they stood by him! 19 years down the line he heads the fleet of Armstrong’s CNC machines innovating his programs every day, every minute.

A role model who never blinked at government job reservations, this is a man who clawed his way up the difficult path of self-actualisation. Both his kids now study at the BESt English school and aspire to be like the founders of Armstrong.

With “Armstrong” practically tattooed on his heart, here is the man who breathes, sleeps, eats and drinks the spirit of Armstrong! This is Sanjay Pawar folks!

And what’s your story?