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Warehouse sorting requires a lot of reliability and accuracy. The speed is also quite important. That is why we provide you with a huge range of sorting technologies to meet your exact requirements. Some of the most common areas where higher sorting systems are required are cross dock and dispatch.

What is sortation?

Sortation is basically the process of identifying the different items on the conveyor and diverting them into different destinations using different kinds of devices. This entire process is controlled by system-specific software. Robotic Sortation Solutions have different applications in the industry. Also, different types of software are available depending on your product type and business requirement.

Sortation Solutions work in conjunction with conveyors and automatic identification systems. They can be used to move huge volumes of load traffic through a particular facility. This allows companies to ship large volumes in a very small storage space. You will also be able to lower labour cost to a great extent.

Few popular sorter types

Shoe sorter:

Shoe sorters are also called surfing sorters. These sorters have a large surface area. They have continuously linked slats with a shoe to one side that will move along with the slats. These shoe sorters can be independently automated. The shoes will slide across the slats as per requirement. This will help you to move your load along the main conveyor line. This type of sorter is ideal for high-speed sorting purposes.

Cross belt sorters:

Our cross belt Robotic Sortation Solution has a very high throughput. They can be used to sort huge volumes of items. They are known for their highly versatile functions. They have a small cross-section. As a result, you can install these cross belt sorters in the tightest spaces. Also, they are designed with versatile technologies. They are also made of the highest quality material. We follow a modular approach while designing our sorters.

Pusher sorters:

Pusher sorters are used for medium sort rate applications. They can be used to sort items which are really difficult to convey because of their irregular shape. They have very high speed which can be used to divert over 100 items in a minute. These sorters are used in various industries. They are also made of good quality material and can simplify your business operations. Items for sorting are placed on the conveyor belt and transported across a series of pusher sorters. The sorters will divert the items on the conveyor belts and transfer them to their destination.

How is Robotic Sortation Solution used in the industry?

Sortation is used in different areas to move material smoothly across various business units.

  • Order picking: Moving the ordered products from the storage area to the packing area and also moving the completed orders from the loading areas for distribution purpose.
  • Sorting: Organising the products which will have to be delivered. This is done before the products are transported to their final destination.
  • Staging: Holding the items for the packaging and processing.
  • Transportation: Moving cases, totes and pallets through a business unit.
  • Warehousing: Moving products from the receiving to the storage unit.

What are the various advantages of using sortation systems?

Sortation systems have a huge variety of advantages:

  • Ergonomics: Sortation systems can reduce the chances of operation injury. This is because they do the work of moving heavy loads. As a result, your employees will no longer have to push or pull loads to different locations.
  • Process flow: Sortation systems can be used to simplify business operations. They can be used as a part of both manufacturing and assembly processes.
  • Safety: Sortation elements also reduce chances of collision. They prevent your objects from getting damaged due to manual movement.
  • Speed: Sortation systems can allow you to save a lot of time. They have a very fast speed and your job will be done in a very short while.
  • Transportation: You can use a sortation system for transporting materials within your business unit. This also reduces manual labour to a great extent.

Where do we use sortation?

Sortation systems are used in almost all kinds of industries including aerospace industries, food, E-Commerce, construction, chemicals, paper or plastic, warehousing distributions, pharmaceuticals, delivery, storage, etc.

So, get Robotic Sortation Solution for your business today itself and drive the success of your business to an entirely new level.

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