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Proper goods packaging and delivery are two critical factors to be considered in the manufacturing company. The purpose of the packaging is to keep the products safe during shipment. The first thing that consumers observe after the product is delivered is the packaging. Nowadays, many companies use stretch wrapping machines to protect their products from any sort of damage or tapering.

However, manual wrapping of goods causes inconsistencies and takes lots of time and energy. Therefore, companies are using stretch wrapping machines to ensure cost-effective packaging. If you want to make your operation faster and cheaper, you can choose Armstrong Ltd.

The most important benefit of using our stretch wrapping machine

Our Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap products, boxes, containers that are needed to be transported. One of the most crucial stretch wraps is to combine small product packages into a single unit. It reduces the load time of the product and protects it from damage or tampering. Some of the key benefits of using our Stretch Wrapping Machine are as follow:

Safety: Employee safety and security are essential for the success of the company. Hand stretch wrapping may cause handling inconsistencies and injuries to the employees and is time-consuming too. Our Stretch wrapping machine provides consistent packaging and ensures the safety of the employees.

Stretch Wrapping Machine

Protection: A stretch wrapping machine protects your product from any type of potential damage due to dust particles or exterior materials.

Efficiency: Manual process of wrapping products does not give an efficient output compared to the stretch wrapping machine. The machine ensures consistent wrapping of the bulk products, pallets, parcels, boxes, or containers. It increases the efficiency of the workplace's packaging method, making it easier for the distributors to load bulky items.

Cost: Automatic Stretch wrapping machine is cost-saving. It consists of two film thread rollers which possess higher rotational speed. It increases the stretching strength of the film, thus reduces cost and ensures efficiency.

Time: Manual wrapping products is a time-consuming task. To save time and effort, investing in our stretch wrapping machine is a better choice. It enables fast and efficient wrapping of pallets, boxes, and other products and ensures reduce costs and increased productivity.

Types of Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch wrapping protects the products from potential damage and contributes to lower cost, and saves time. We at Armstrong are familiar with the stretch wrapping machines and offering automated storage and sorting operations. There are two types of Stretch wrapping machines such as semi-automatic and automatic.

Semi-automatic: Semi-automatic wrapping machines are ideal for large manufacturing companies that perform bulk pallet wrapping per day. In this type of wrapper, there is a pallet placed over the turntable. As the film moves up and down, the turntable rotated the pallets. The only thing you need to do is to place your products over the turntable. It uses automated techniques to lower labor costs and time.

Automatic: High-speed, fully automatic stretch wrapping machine provides faster and efficient product packaging and wrapping. Either in the film's hooking stage or expulsion stage, the pallets reaches the machine via a roller. The only thing you have to do is to roll the film. Such machines are ideal for wrapping light to heavy loads.

Stretch Wrapping Machine
The need for Stretch Wrapping Machine Solutions

A stretch wrapping machine is ideal for the use of efficient packaging and shipment. Since several companies offer wrapping solutions, it becomes difficult to choose the best service provider. Armstrong is India’s leading warehouse automation solution provider that provides faster and cheaper operations with reduced cost and effort and improved efficiency.

We utilize high-end innovative technology to solve your complex problems. Our global service network and the team of highly skilled professionals ensure timely delivery and help the organization achieve the highest productivity. Our technology and experience helped many industries from FMCG, food, retail, parcel, and warehouse to lower their costs.

Our Solutions

Our automated warehouse solutions combined with Artificial intelligence, video analytics, machine learning, and intralogistics help us provide the best stretch wrapping solutions. We offer:


Robotics palletization is used for automatic storage and shipping process. In this process, the assigned robot picks up the cartons and then places them on the pallet. We offer innovative palletizing for cartons, boxes, containers, etc. It involves low cost and ensures the safety level of the staff at the organization.

Dock Automation:

We offer high-speed, accurate, and reliable dock automation solutions. Managing an inventory system is a complex process. But our innovative approach and automated technology make the inventory process more effortless.

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System:

At Armstrong, we have an automated storage and retrieval system designed to provide the best solution that saves your time and money. It offers you maximum outputs at a minimum cost.

AMR and AGV:

Automatic Mobile Robotics system and Automatic Guided Vehicle system offer a fully automatic solution for your complex problem with 100% reliability.

Packing System:

Packing is an essential part of the production line. Our packing system offers a faster, cheaper, and flexible packing option.

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If you are struggling to get your products, parcels, cartons, or boxes out of the door, then the Stretch wrapping machine solution is best for you.

At Armstrong, we help to reduce your time and cost by providing an automated wrapping solution. We understand the consumers' need and thus offer customized solutions to meet most of their needs cost-effectively.

We deploy Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Robotics to enhance productivity and reduce the amount of labor and effort needed for wrapping and packaging. So connect with us and get your problem sorted out. With over 20 years of experience, we have gained immense achievements in Intralogistics and warehouse solutions. Our dedicated team of professionals provides you fastest throughputs with operational efficacy.

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