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There was a time when loading, storing, and retrieving works were done manually. But now, ASRS systems in India are becoming increasingly popular. These systems are computer monitored that automatically place, store, and unload materials. They are extremely efficient in warehouses as maximum storage is offered by the ASRS system.

ASRS warehouses are now very common. Warehouses require storing goods that are to be distributed. Thus they require a lot of space to keep and arrange things. Proper utilization of space is required as well so that maximum products are stored within a small space. Also, retrieving them when needed is necessary. And if these tasks become automatic, the efficiency is increased.

Uses of ASRS systems

Let us know details about the uses of ASRS warehouse systems.

  • Efficient order picking- Workers don't need to unload the products and take them to the delivery point manually. An ASRS system can do that. The system is set up in a way that it would unload the products, and using AGV or other vehicles, reach them to the destination.
  • Automatic production arrangement- The ASRS can arrange the products sequentially by itself. The heavy one would be at the bottom and similar products would be at the same place. This sorting is done by the system automatically.
  • Buffer storage- Bulk storage is a common thing in warehouses. Products from different spaces are assembled and go for storage. Various products are to be stored and retrieved at the same time. This is handled seamlessly by ASRS systems. They support buffer storage. Loading and unloading are faster and effortless with this system.
  • Store and retrieve when needed- Optimizing and scheduling the ASRS system is possible. You can store the products for a long time. And when needed you can retrieve it. Also, if you pre schedule the system, they would be retrieved at the right time. Thus the storage would be done according to the schedule. The later retrieved goods will go up while the goods to be retrieved earlier would stay in the lower portion.

Types of ASRS systems

ASRS systems in India have various types. Different scales of use need different systems. Let us explore these multiple types of ASRS systems.

  • Unit load- They are used to store extremely heavy loads. These ASRS systems have narrow aisle racks and heights that extend around 100 feet. The racks are attached with cranes. These cranes are used to load and unload the materials. Full and partial pallets and cases can be stored in these.
  • Mini load- These are suitable for storing small loads. Small cartons and totes are carried in these. These systems are efficient for buffer storage, quick unloading, and destination picking. Carton storage is maximized with this system.
  • Shuttle storage- Here, a shuttle runs between the racks. The shuttles move in both single and multiple levels facilitating material loading and unloading. There are various models of shuttle ASRS systems.
  • AMR-based- This uses AMR machines to load, store, unload, and carry them to the pickup station. One single machine operates the whole system providing maximum efficiency and flexibility.
  • Carousel-based- These systems have bins that rotate when you request a product. The products move on the bin and you can pick the required one. There are both horizontal and vertical carousel-based systems.
  • Vertical lift- These are caged systems that have extractors and trays on any one of the sides. When an item is to be stored or requested to retrieve, the extractor would place the item on the trays and reach it to the destination.
  • Micro-load- These have small racks where goods are stored separately. These are enclosed systems and use extractors and trays to load and unload goods in the system.

ASRS systems in India are now advanced. You can choose any one of them to get smooth and efficient service. However, decide your workload and the capacity required to opt for the right one.

Benefits of ASRS systems

What benefits are you going to get? Let us check out the benefits offered by ASRS warehouse systems.

  • These utilize the space in the best possible way. While floor space is saved, vertical spaces are utilized properly.
  • Maximum goods can be stored using these systems.
  • Labor cost is reduced as the whole system computer operates.
  • Loading, storing, and retrieving the goods are automatic and accurate.
  • Retrieving doesn't require humans to go to the place. The process can be done through systems.
  • Picking and shipping both are done faster and accurately.
  • Risks of toppling or product damage are rare with ASRS.
  • Rescheduling gives timely delivery of products.

ASRS systems improve the overall productivity, speed, and efficiency of warehouse activities. Decide your purpose. Fix your budget. Do research. And find the one that suits your demands and requirements. Make storage and retrieving effortless by installing the right ASRS system.

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